Join me on a journey through Peruvian cuisine

This newsletter explores the many facets of Peruvian food from street food to tasting menus to everyday cooking.

I’m Sutee, and I’ve been sharing stories about Peruvian food for over seven years.

I stumbled into the world of Peruvian food when I came to Peru as a tourist and then ended up working in two very different restaurant kitchens to learn about the cuisine. Then I started traveling around Peru to interview chefs, bartenders, and everyday people about regional food. I have accumulated thousands of photos, close to fifty hours of interviews, and lots of stories to tell.

I’m not a professional writer, photographer, or cook. I’m just a guy with an obsession and love for Peruvian food and the people and culture behind this wonderful cuisine.

Some of my best stories

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A portrait of a multi-faceted cuisine, with a focus on everyday food in Peru